Summary of Sherlock Holmes Stories.  Watson and Holmes banter about the news, the inference method of detecting, or how boring things are. 

Holmes Hears Someone Approach. After inferring some personal information from the persons attire, a story is told and the word Singular is used to describe it.

Holmes dismisses the client then curls up on his chair, reads, or smokes to think.  Holmes takes a walk without Watson.  Then Holmes and Watson take a train to the location of the case.  Holmes examines the path, the shrubs, and the lawn.  Finally the room is examined.  All information is held from the reader except questions asked by Holmes.  Watson and Holmes take a train home.  On the way Holmes sends telegrams.

Holmes smokes, plays violin, dresses in a disguise and stays out late.  Holmes wakes Watson asks him to take his revolver with him.  Holmes confronts the guilty with a history of events derived from observations.  Then asks the culprit to fill in the gaps.  Holmes doesn’t tell the police or lets Lestrade take the collar.

Holmes suggests to Watson that they go back to Baker Street to have supper.

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